Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

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Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Well-groomed and perfectly-shaped eyebrows can save you time on the morning makeup. With beautiful eyebrows you will always looked polished. In order to choose the perfect eyebrow shape you need to know your face shape.

Let’s take a quick look at face shapes:

Oval face shape – means your forehead is wider than the chin area. Cheek bones are quite large.

Round face shape – all areas are proportionate in width and length. The widest part is around the cheeks.

Square face shape – the forehead, cheek bones, and jaw line are all equal creating a shape of square.

Long face shape – if your face’s length is more than its width then your face is long, but it can be also oval or angular.

Diamond or heart face shape – the distinctive features of this face shape are wide cheek bones and narrow jaw line.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face:

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Round shape makes the face appear rounder and softens the features in faces of heart and angular shape.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Curved shape is great for all face shapes.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Angular shape will suit those with round faces. Also if you want a lift, angular shape will make you look younger. Soft-angular shape is the same but with a softer peak.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Flat shape is for you if you have a long face. Its horizontal line will make your face appear shorter. If you want an arch it should be as distant and close to the tail as possible.

Other Eyebrow tips:

If you have a high forehead a higher arch will make it appear lower. For low forehead make the arch as low as possible to make the forehead appear higher.

If your eyes are set wide do not pluck the inner corners, rather fill them and extend a bit with a pencil. If eyes are set close pluck more from the inner corner to set them wider.

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