Perfect Beach Beauty Tips

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Your beach beauty look can turn into a real disaster if you don’t know how to adapt your makeup and hair to extreme humidity and heat. Hair gets frizzy, mascara flows… not that sexy, innit? To keep looking gorgeous, use these beach beauty tips from experts.

How to Keep your Look Gorgeous at the Beach

Perfect Beach Beauty Tips

Primer is Your Best Beach Friend!

Primer is your key weapon on the way to longer-lasting makeup. Apply just a bit of oil-free primer on clean skin, before applying anything else. Its lightweight texture won’t make you feel overloaded, but your makeup will last much longer.

Avoid Using Too Much Products

The less, the better is a golden rule of the perfect beach-friendly makeup. Try to avoid applying too much products! For example, skip applying foundation whenever possible. But never forget about sunscreen and moisturizer.

Opt for Silicone-based Cosmetics

The matter is that silicone as a component of cream, lotion or gel can prevent them from meltingĀ  that guarantee a longer-lasting makeup. When it comes to mascara, be sure you go for a waterproof one.

Control Frizz

Frizz can easily ruin your look as well as your summer mood. Luckily, there are a bunch of ways to control frizz. Apply moisturizing serum, while your hair is still wet or you can tie your locks back, or fix in a bun… there are lots of variations, the only thing you need is your imagination!

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