Parisian Homemade Beauty Recipes

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Parisian Homemade Beauty Recipes

According to the well-known French marketing company, Parisian women are drawn more and more towards everything that is natural. So 56% of the most romantic city inhabitants prefer to keep their beauty with the help of homemade beauty secrets. Parisians even prefer natural homemade beauty recipes to the professional beautician visit.

In the most fashionable European city, where the most colorful fashion shows of Dior and Chanel are held, Parisian woman decrease the usage of beauty aids and gradually pass to the natural care. According to the same marketing company, only 22% of Parisian women prefer bright makeup, meanwhile just 12% of them do bright makeup on holidays, holidays, and bonfire nights. 11% of Parisian doesn’t use makeup at all or prefer just a couple of makeup products such as lip gloss and mascara. But it is just statistics; keep reading to find out the real homemade beauty recipes used by Parisian women…

The most effective homemade beauty recipe to look young and attractive is to apply mask made of fresh cabbage every morning. Parisians not coincidentally opt for morning facial masks made of cabbage to keep their skin fresh, as cabbage can wonderfully cleanse, even out, nourish skin, it is wholesome for every skin type. Cabbage is rich in vitamins А, В, С, К, Р, and РР.

Parisian Homemade Beauty Recipes

Cabbage Mask for Dry Skin

Chopped cabbage leaves are to be boiled in milk up to porridge-like condition. And then apply the derived mixture to your face and neck for 20 minutes, after wash off with warm water. If your skin is both dry and sensitive try this mask made of cabbage: mix the cabbage gruel with yolk and vegetable oil, apply it to your face and neck for 20 minutes and then again wash it off with warm water.

Cabbage Mask for Oily Skin

Grind cabbage leaves and blend it with beaten egg white, apply the derived mask to your face for 15-20 minutes. Also it is very useful to wipe oily skin every evening with wad of cotton wool, wet in cabbage juice.

Whitening Cabbage Mask for any Skin Type

Saturate the tissue with sauerkraut juice and apply it to dark spots for 10 minutes. The mask is recommended to be applied every other day until dark spots whitening.

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