New Season, New Look: Fall Must-Try Beauty Trends

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If you think Fall 2014 beauty trends are kind of predictable, well, you’re both right and wrong. The bold brow trend is still all the rage right now and it will continue well into next year but there are also some new things you might want to give a try. We say, these beauty trends are even must-try for those who’s bored with waves, deep parts, and bold lips.

5 Fall Must-Try Beauty Trends

Herve Leger Fall 2014 makeup

Double Cateye

What can be better than cateye? A doble cateye wing that is surely to get you noticed. It may take practice and precision to master but boy does it look unusual and totally gorgeous.

Cynthia Rowley Fall 2014 look

Double-Colored Eyeliner

If you’re feeling that fall lacks the colors of summer you could try the double-colored eyeliner. At Cynthia Rowley they opted for a navy and sky blue, which makes the eyes really pop and also includes another beauty trend of the year – blue eye makeup.

Topshop Unique Fall 2014 look

Playing Up Lower Lid

If you are tired of old eyeliner wing try playing up the lower eyelid instead. You can add color to it or take your classic black eyeliner and accentuate it while going soft on the upper eyelid.

Lanvin Fall 2014 makeup

Painting on Your Lids

In case playing up the lower lid doesn’t work for you, try using your upper lids as canvas like they did at Zac Posen and Lanvin. Sure it’s not very wearable but you can tone it down or use this for a very special ocassion.

Fendi Fall 2014 hair

New Kind of Ponytail

A ponytail is a go to hairstyle for many. It’s stylish and simple and can be done in a variety of ways. You can wear a different ponytail every day of the week if you want to. And now there is one more sweet option for the times when you really want something unusual in your ponytail like graphic shapes made with separate hair sections.

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