Zoya “Gilty Pleasures”

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Inspired by the world nail polish brands, Zoya is releasing a new inspiring golden 18K nail polish, “Gilty Pleasures”.

18K Nail Polish from Zoya

Following the recent trend of making nail polish with actual gold to suit the glamourous pursuits, Zoya has released a Holiday collection Gilty Pleasures, feauturing 18K golden nail polish. The limited edition gift set contains three different naip polish types, to suit every flavor. The set comes in a distinguishing black case and it is available for only $30!
The full collection includes:

  • Raven – shiny black
  • Gilty – 18 K gold flakes top coat
  • Purity – pure white

which can be worn in several types, black golden, white golden, or only in gold!

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