Winter Nail Care Guide

Nails are as sensitive to the cold winter weather as our skin is. Therefore you need to take a special care of your nails during colder months to prevent them from chipping and breaking. Follow our winter nail care guide and you’ll enter the spring with healthy, strong nails.

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Winter Nail Care Guide

Winter’s cold and dry air brings a lot of changes into our usual body care routine and especially it is rough on our hands or more exactly our fingertips, therefore it is absolutely reasonable to follow a special winter nail care guide to ensure your nails stay strong and healthy during cold season. Read on for winter nail care tips.

Actually the main reason of winter nail problems such as their splitting, chipping and breaking is an extreme moisture loss. Healthy nails contain 18 percent water on average, but in winter they literally dry out because of our constant moving between cold temperatures outdoors and hot, dry atmosphere indoors. Besides, all our usual activities such as washing-up, taking a hot shower, and using acetone-based nail polish remover just worsen the situation even more, leaving our nails absolutely dehydrated.

Well, the best way to provide our nails with a proper hydration is using natural or cosmetic moisturizer that would keep your nails smooth and healthy. Invest into special cosmetic oil for cuticles or use an olive oil to get the desired effect. Rub it into your nail bed and cuticle every time after bathing and before going to sleep. Don’t forget of your toenails too.

Proper balanced nutrition is the key component in winter nail care. There is nothing more wholesome for nail growth and strength than protein-rich foods. Include protein and calcium into your daily nutrition plan to ensure your nails stay strong and healthy during cold winter time.

Don’t neglect applying nail hardener. Choose the one suitable for your nail care needs and the result wouldn’t be slow to arrive. Besides, specialists recommend keeping your nails painted during colder months. The matter is that an additional coat of nail lacquer can help to prevent your nails from chipping and breaking.

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