Weird nail designs

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Nail art has become really popular nowadays. One in two girls visits a nail professional on the regular basis and tends to change the form and design of her nails rather frequently. naill art 07 Designs of nails can be different but usually they are more or less simple. However, sometimes girls opt for exceptionally long and decorated nails. naill art 06 Being a nail-art-admirer myself I have never gone too extreme with my nails but often felt envious to those who dared and did that. naill art 05 Actually it must be really uncomfortable to have such long and richly embellished nails but probably the way they look is much more important in this case, and girls prefer beauty to comfort.

Well, everyone chooses something for herself.

naill art 04

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naill art 03

naill art 02

naill art 01

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