Victoria Secret Launches Nail Polish Collection

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Have you heard the news? Oh, you would be so thrilled! Just as if the lingerie isn’t enough, Victoria Secrets is launching a new exciting nail lacquer collection, which features a lot of amazing hues, and there are no less than 20 of them! Let’s be nosey and take a closer look at the collection!
Victoria Secret Launches Nail Polish

New Nail Polish Collection by Victoria Secrets

Well, Victoria Secrets lingerie brand is expanding its empire by launching the new intriguing collection of nail lacquer. The collection sports a lot of down to earth, feminine colors starting from the classic pinks and goes on to explore the sparkling and metallic side of the moon.

It seems that the most popular lingerie brand in America has worked really hard to release the collection just in time for the most romantic holiday – the Valentine’s Day! With these new super hot pink and red tones, your fingertips would as romantic as the whole outlook! To get you even more excited, the collection launches TODAY and it starts at the price of $10 per a bottle. Not that much for a bottle of happiness?
Victoria Secret Launches Nail Polish
The collection is pretty extensive as there are about 20 tones, and most of them can grouped into categories. These categories include the crème, sparkly and metallic hues. For example, the first category is all about going with the pink hues. It is pretty obvious that there are different variations of the pinks, as well as sparkly, and metallic and a lot of classic crème pinks. The full list includes:

  • Flirt Away,
  • Bitten,
  • Addictive,
  • String Bikini,
  • Classified,
  • Bombshell Pink,
  • Peep Show.

Victoria Secret Launches Nail Polish
However, if that is too much pink, you can always go for the metallic hues, such as

  • Steal The Show,
  • Boudoir,
  • Cuffed,
  • No Strings Attached.

Victoria Secret Launches Nail Polish
Remember there is also a sparkle category, under which the following four nail polishes fall:

  • Backstage,
  • Drama Queen,
  • Break The Rules,
  • Star Power.

And at last, the hit of the season, crème nail polishes are also in the collection, and they are presented by the following:

  • Role Play,
  • Perfect,
  • Tantalize,
  • Lustworthy,
  • Do Not Disturb.
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