Trendy Moon Manicure Ideas

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Moon manicure has been going strong as a trend for the last few seasons and it keeps appearing on the runway. The moon manicure can be fun or elegant, it all depends on the colors and size of the moon. There are quite a few ways of wearing a moon manicure so take a look at some of the catwalk moon manicure ideas for inspiration.

Trendy Moon Manicure Ideas

Moon Manicure

There are various ways of sporting a moon manicure. The moon can be sleek, bold, or even take up the half of the nail. It all depends on taste and color combo. The moon can be created in a bolder or neutral color. The shape and size of the moon depends on how you place the sticker when creating moon manicure.

Trendy Moon Manicure Ideas

Half-Moon Manicure

Half-moon manicure is elegant and can be worn on various ocassions. It looks sleek on the nails and can be extra glamorous when done in silver or gold. However, it can make short nail look even shorter so make sure to do this manicure as sleek as possible if your nails are short or do it on longer nails. Ruffian have been presenting various takes on moon manicure from show to show and even created a line of press-on nails with MAC.

Trendy Moon Manicure Ideas


Interpretations are always fun. If you are having fun while doing your nails you can do your own take on the moon manicure and create a unique new look. Play with nail shapes, moon shapes, color combos and finish. And although you may end up with not an actual moon manicure, it can be a total new and fresh design of your own.

To create moon manicure you need a base coat, nail polishes of two colors, contrasting or complementing, and reinforcement stickers or French manicure stickers. Apply base coat and the coat of moon color. Let it dry completely and place the sticker to the nail bed considering the size of the moon you want to create. Placing the sticker further toward the nail tip will create a bigger moon. Paint the rest of the nail a different color and let it dry.

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