Tranzitions by China Glaze

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China Glaze is being really thoughtgull this winter and presents new intriguing tones, “Tranzitions” for Holiday 2012!
Tranzitions by China Glaze

Two Toned Manicure by China Glaze

If you are a fan of french manicure, this is going to be your favorite! The Tranzitions presents amazing possibilities for those who like to experiment with your nails, because these are “designed to intensify their pigmentation once a top coat is applied over the color.” So actually you get the two tones in one bottle!  Of course as any China Glaze nail polish, this collection is chemicals such as DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde and they will be available in this December.  The whole collection:
Tranzitions by China Glaze

  • Metallic Metamorphosis – gray metallic without top coat/ blue gray with top coat


  • Duplicity – soft sea foam green without top coat/ deep mint green with top coat


  • Split Perso-nail-ity – dusty pink without top coat/ deep dusty pink with top coat


  • Modify Me – periwinkle without top coat/ indigo with top coat


  • Altered Reality – turquoise without top coat/ chrome turquoise water with top coat
  • Shape Shifter – violet gun metal without top coat/ deep blue purple with top coat


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