Split Nails

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Perfect manicure looks great. Woman with well-groomed hands and nails has a specific attraction. She looks more feminine and cute, no matter whether she is a housewife or a business lady.

However, our energetic lifestyle, plenty of housework and lack of time to take care of ourselves lead, as a result, to the problem of split nails. Split nail is condition in which the nails become weak and fragile and split or peel off vertically in sections. Of course, we’ve heard a lot about it but when we actually have the problem to handle we understand that it is no easy at all to solve it.

split nails

Plenty of factors may lead to split nails. Among them are the following: lack of calcium, too much use of chemicals like nail polish remover or detergents, having a long contact with water, aging, etc. But the primary cause is lack of nutrition. Your diet has to include calcium, vitamins and lots of other minerals if you want to have strong and healthy nails.

Expensive remedies and creams that promise us the immediate result may not always be efficient and only few women can afford buying them every time they need nail treatment. The remedies we offer in this article are simple and easily applied at home.

Here they are:

• Use moisturizer as often as you can – each time you feel your hands are at least a bit dry, for example, after washing the dishes or clothes, after a bath or a shower, etc. It will help you to keep your nails from drying and chipping off.

• Apply vegetable oil as it is a natural remedy for curing and strengthening brittle nails. All you need to do is to take a small cotton swab with some vegetable oil and wipe it on your nails.

• Vegetable oil can be substituted by clarified butter, which is known as Ghee. It makes the nails soft and strong and promotes their growth.

• But the best is to avoid having split nails. You need to eat more nutritious food with biotin, a type of Vitamin B. Such types of food are: peanuts, lentils, egg yolks, sardines, mushrooms, bananas, liver, and cauliflower. Or you may want to take some pill-vitamins.
No matter which of the remedies you choose I wish you to have strong and beautiful nails!

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Mona Liz

Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.
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    your nails are cute!

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  3. Beverly Says:

    Thanks for this post -will take on board the advice and hopefully have better nails to show :)

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