Pretty Please Customized Nail Polish

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Did you ever dream about creating your own nail polish, personal to the core? Well, Pretty Please is releasing new amazing colorful nail polish, because they think it is a perfect time to get personal!
Pretty Please Customized Nail Polish

Pretty Please – You Name It

Isn’t it amazing to have a nail polish personal to the core? Pretty Please has released a new nail polish line, which can be named according to your needs and ideas.Yes that is it – you can pick any color which they offer and make it entirely personal and customize it by giving it any name you think is appropriate. Isn’t it fun!?

Imagine going to a party and naming a nail polish in honor of this party, and now you would know what to hand as a gift on a birthday party, bachelorette party, baby shower, company event – pretty everything can fall into this category!

If you are wondering how does it work, here is the mechanism: on the official website of the company you can choose up to 24 color variations, for this you need to drag the dot of color to the bottle, and then proceed to the next step – to naming the color you have chosen. If your name doesn’t fit into the provided space, you can always send an email to the company and see what they can do for you! The last step is to save your product and proceed to the checkout and buy the product!
Pretty Please Customized Nail Polish
Overall, Pretty Please has released 24 new exciting colors, which they have united in clusters. The first cluster entitled the “Berry Blast”, which includes four delicious colors – purple hues, from the darkest purple to violet funky variations and one strawberry red. The next cluster is the “Color Pop” collection, which includes incredible funky spring colors – pink, canary yellow, light violet with heavy tendency to appear pink, and tangerine. The third cluster, “The Perfectly Pastel” collection, where the name speaks for itself, including pastel grey, baby pink, baby blue and neutral color. The last cluster includes six hues and it is entitled “Merry&Bright” collection from deep blue, deep green, silver and golden glitter, cloud grey and deep crimson red.

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