Press-On Nails Are Back: Application Tips

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Press-on nails are back and in such great shape and design. Love them or hate them press-on nails are a one more option for the perfect manicure. So in order to pull them off all you need to do is pick up a flattering shape and color/design and master the application.


Press-On Nails Tips:

  • Choose press-on nails. Choose the size and shape that would fit your nails and look more natural. There are many designs out there now. Ruffian and MAC have collaborated on the set of some stylish press-on nails.
  • Prepare nails. Remove all the nail polish or other nail adornments before applying press-ons. Cut fingernails short and file. You may apply a coat of base coat to the nails.
  • Glue or Adhesive. Some press-on nails have adhesive that allows skipping the nail glue. If you choose using glue instead make sure it’s good quality special glue for nails.
  • Apply glue or sticker press-ons and press to the nail and hold for a minute to avoid air bubbles.
  • To remove press on nails use nail accetone polish remover.

There is still a notion that press-on nails look cheap and bad in general. But with all the decals and nail stickers press-on nails are getting more popular too. They’ve also got reinvented a bit in terms of design and shape. And while press-on nails may not be as reliable as regular nail polish or acrylic nails in terms of hold, they can be a great and not very expensive manicure solution.

Make sure the nails look as natural as possible when choosing press-on nails. Especially when buying French manicure design. Pay attention to the nail hue and make sure it suits your skin tone. Also make sure the nails are right size as well as the suitable shape.

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  1. Nail Glue Says:

    When i goes to party then i make new style of my nails and different shade.Thanks for sharing nice and important post with us.

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