Pedicure: Nail Art, Length And Manicure Match

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Pedicure can’t be overlooked these days. And even soon it’s time to hide your open-toe shoes away pedicure is quite an important part of a pampering process.

Pedicure Art

Pedicure: Nail Art, Length And Manicure Match

Matchy-Matchy vs. Mismatched

Matching manicure and pedicure was once a beauty rule but now that it’s kind of an old rule mismatched manis and pedis are quite common today. Regardless of your own preference the matching manicure and pedicure has its own advantages as do mismatched manis/pedis. Matchy-matchy look is easy and uniform which makes one look polished and pulled together. While the mismatched look allows you to experiment with your pedicure in case the dress code at work forbids nail art and bright manicures.

Pedicure: Nail Art, Length And Manicure Match

In case you’re opting for a mismatched look you can still achieve a more or less pulled together effect with coordinated colors in your manicure and pedicure. Look for colors that look good together whether they are contrasting or complementary.

Pedicure: Nail Art, Length And Manicure Match

Nail Art vs. Solid Polish

The opinions on this divide as well. Is pedicure nail art as tasteless as manicure nail art? We say it depends on the ocassion and the nail art. Playful patterns and prints can look good on the toenails especially when done perfectly. The solid nail polish of neutral and rich colors makes for a more sophisticated and elegant look. In a workplace opt for creamy glossy but not glittery or sparkly polishes.

Pedicure: Nail Art, Length And Manicure Match


To grow or not to grow? We vote for short toenails as they look and feel nice and comfortable. Too long nails can look unflattering, require constant perfect pedicure to look good, and might painfully break.

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