Paranormal UV Nail Polish By Illamasqua

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UK-based makeup brand, Illamasqua famous for its extravagant products is now about to release s new astounding nail polish collection, which is inspired by the Rave scene of the 90’s. The new nail lacquer collection, Paranormal UV promises to be quite surprising once you go under dim club lights.

Paranormal UV Nail Polish by Illamasqua

Paranormal UV Nail Polish by Illamasqua

Illamasqua Releasing Rave-Inspired Nail Polish

British makeup brand is returning the 90’s back into fashion by bringing Rave into attention, as if it has been truly forgotten. Their latest installment, the I’mperfection collection for Spring 2013 was quite surprising, as it featured speckled nail polish, along with other makeup products. The new Paranormal UV collection promises three incredible nail polish hues that reveal their true nature only in the clubbing light:

  • Omen – bright shimmery snake green;
  • Ouija – bright shimmery lilac;
  • Séance – bright shimmery purple

With just three colors for the nail polish, Illamasqua manages to draw all of our attention, because all of the three tones glow under a black light. Moreover, if you apply a UV top coat, that is entitled mysteriously – Geist, the dull nail polish will be glowing in the dark in the intimate clubbing atmosphere. The UV top coat can also be used to create different patterns that will also glow in the dark under certain lighting.

So this way you get a day and night nail polish in one bottle. Besides, the UV top coat might be quite a find, as it might turn any nail polish ready for rave night out. The official sales of the Summer 2013 Paranormal UV Collection were launched on April 30, 2013 and they will be available at Sephora for $17.00 each.

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