Nails Inc. Denim Effect Nail Polish

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Nails Inc. Denim Effect Nail Polish

The textured nails are the hit of the Spring 2013 season. So naturally brands are trying to bring more options on the market and Nails Inc. is one of the most active ones. The brand already brought in the leather effect nail polish, the concrete effect lacquers in bold bright colors with rugged finish and also the kits for feather and bling finishes. But there is more up their sleeve and it’s a denim effect nail lacquer.

Nails Inc. Denim Effect Nail Polish

Launching in June the Denim Effect nail polish will retail at £19. The bright blue with a sparkle is looking beautiful and the studs add an element of nail art to the manicure just like the skulls in the leather kit.

Nails Inc. is wasting no time when it comes to creating new effects for the nails. In March the brand launches a Feather collection of nail laquers that cover the nails with feather-like particles that make for texture feather-y finish. These are the ready-made polishes as opposed to the brand’s Bling It On Feathers kit with a nail polish, a top coat and two bottles of feather-y sparkles which also come in Neon version.

For nail art enthusiasts the brand will be launching a Bling It On Crystaltastic Nails, ready made press on nails painted in different colors and encrusted with Swarovski crystals priced at £20 to £45.

With all the options the nail brands offer today the nail art has become a lot more accessible for those who prefer to do nails at home. The kits, nail wraps, nail effects lacquers are just so easy to use that it all takes the nail art to a whole new level.

What do you think about Nails Inc. upcoming efforts?

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