Nails Inc Create Leather Nail Polish

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Nails Inc Create Leather Nail Polish

It’s all about leather nails right now. After style icon Alexa Chung sported Nails Inc’s leather effect nail polish the word about leather effect nails spread around the net like it always does. The cool new manicure can be achieved with a bottle of Nails Inc nail polish that gives nails a leather texture, not shiny but not matte either. The new polish comes in black, tan and mulberry.

The Nails Inc Bling It On Leather & Skull collection is about to hit the stores on December, 13 but the waiting list for this nail polish already counts several hundred people. The nail polish also comes with skull nail decals.

Nails Inc Create Leather Nail Polish

There are many textures available in manicure these days. From caviar craze to trendy velvet and festive sequins. Illamasqua has introduced a rubber effect nail polish last year and updated the color hues this year.

Nails Inc Create Leather Nail Polish

Then there is, of course, magnetic nail polish that creates patterns on the nails. And that’s not taking into account various strips, stickers and press-on nails. So what do you think about leather effect nails?

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