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Nail file is known as an integral part of a manicure kit of every woman. It is a tool used to gently grind down and shape the edges of nails. They can have various graininess and thus should be used for different purposes.

nail files

Every woman must be aware of the difference between nail files and have in her arsenal a few types of ones.

Generally nail files could be:

• diamond,
• ruby,
• ceramic,
• sapphire,
• glass
• metal
• emery boards.

Nail files with coarse granularity should be used for dealing with acrylic or very hard nails. For delicate and thin nails emery board is good.

Nail File Set

nail file

It is usually less abrasive than the metal nail files, and hence, emery boards may take longer to file down nails than metal nail files. Emery boards are usually less expensive than metal nail files, and can be economically disposed of after use.

Metal files are not recommended for looking after natural nails. It is better to use nail files on rubberized or cardboard base. But if you like using metal nail files and don’t want to try anything else, it is better to use fine-grained files of semicircle shape.

Two sided ceramic nail file can be a good choice as one side is used for the initial grinding down and nail shaping while the finer side is intended for smoothing out the edges.

SpaRitual Zebra Board File

zebra file

Glass nail files have become available just recently. Since glass nail files have a smoother and more even surface they do not splinter the nail like emery boards or metal nail files. This makes them a preferred instrument by manicurists, although they are sometimes difficult to find in stores.

How to use nail files

To shorten the nails coarse-grained nail files are used. To shape the nails fine grained nail files work the best. Every woman should remember that only dry nails can be grinded down, and that a nail file should move only in one direction – from the edges to the center or along the straight line. This will prevent exfoliation of the nails.

You can make your nails shine with the help of special nail buffers. They are often sold in a set and are numbered according to the stage of buffering. But the procedure should not be done too often. A nail can be buffered once every half a year, when the nail plate is completely renewed. Otherwise, the nail plate might become thin.

Despite the fact we use nail file so widely now this hasn’t been always this way. The modern nail file appeared at the end of the 19th century, whilst the evidence of nail file-like tools exists even further back in history.

Marie Antoinette was known for her obsession of the ‘lime a ongles’, which was a nail file-like tool made of the pumice stone. Women seeing her perfectly shaped nails immediately got interested in such files and soon it became the latest female trend in the French Court of Versailles. The pumice stone was carved into a pencil like shape, which was used to trim and shape the edges of the nail.

Fortunately we live in better times and have other materials to produce nail files from. They are softer and can help us do marvels with our nails!

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