Nail Care Mistakes

Nail care mistakes can lead to an unflattering look and even nail infection. It is important to know how to properly treat your nails as hands and nails should always look good.

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Like in any beauty routine there are some common mistakes in nail care that are better be avoided in order to have beautiful and healthy nails. The first big mistake is a poor diet. We are what we eat. So if your diet is unbalanced first and foremost thing to do to have healthy nails, hair, skin and body in general is to improve your diet.

Nail Care Mistakes

Filing & Buffing Mistakes

Filing nails back and forth leads lead them to break and peel while buffing them hard for too long makes them thin and more prone to breakage. Also avoid buffing nails back and forth.

Cutting Cuticles

Another nail care mistake is to cut cuticles which leaves the nail bed unprotected and may cause inflammation and lead to infection. For a beautiful healthy look moisturize cuticles regularly.

Wearing Nail Polish For Too Long

Wearing nail polish for long periods of time doesn’t allow nails to breathe. Give your nails a rest at least for a week each month. Also before applying nail polish don’t forget to apply a base coat to avoid staining your nails. Choose a nail polish remover very carefully as the acetone-free polish removers marketed as safe may be even more hazardous than those based on acetone.

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