Nail Build Up Cause Cancer?

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According to American scientists even the manicure can be carcinogen.

Several women in the USA have already become the patients of oncological clinic after their visits to beauty salons.

Nails Build Up

American doctors sound the alarm: more and more women get to the oncologists after the visits to the manicure salons. The reason is related to ultraviolet lamps (it’s a final stage of nail build up procedure and also one of the most popular ways of nail polish drying). Hundreds of women worldwide resort to this service annually. And as it turned out, some of them suffer skin cancer after it.

The 42-years-old American woman built-up the nail 8 times during one year and as a result she had to undergo several operations to erase the tumors from the hands. Another American (55 years old) attended a manicure salon to make a nail correction twice a month and thus developed a tumor on the right hand.

These cases were not as serious as it could be (this cancer can be treated surgically) but 4% of the patients suffer the extention of teh disease to other body parts.

Nail Build Up Cause Cancer

Scientists have always forewarned of the hazardous ultraviolet exposure to the skin. They say it can cause cancer that is the oncological disease, indeed!
European medics arranged the campaign last year to call people to steer clear of the tanning, in solariums particularly.

New boom of the protest was caused by the English schoolgirl story that has leaked into the press this year. The 15-year-old-girl had taken a few solarium sessions and her skin got covered with ugly spots, smarted and exfoliated after them. Her illness was diagnosed as skin cancer. When the info was made public, some more people claimed the same cases.

Now the oncologists put their patients off the procedures including ultraviolet influence. The permanent ultraviolet exposure can cause tumors on the hands, warn the dermatologists of the University of Texas. They don’t demand to ban the procedure at all, of course, but offer the suggestion to revise the safety rate of the ultraviolet lamps usage.

Nail Build Up Cause Cancer1

Meanwhile these “simple” tools are free to be purchased for everyone ranging from a lamp to the whole solarium if one has money and appropriate room.

American and European scientists have pointed at the manicure salons and other beauty “institutions” as they frequently cause serious health risk.

What I can say, try to avoid cheap and untrustworthy salons where the manicurists use the many-countries-forbidden chemicals for nail covering (methyl methacrylate, for instance) and don’t practise good hygiene.

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