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Nail – biting is a very widespread bad habit that many children and adults are in. As a rule, a child can acquire this habit from the age of four and in time the nail – biting can fasten to him.

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Scientists consider stress as an origin of the nail – biting habit. They suppose that people begin biting the nail when they feel nervous as this process soothes well.

According to the numerous researches it became a well known fact that the fingers have a high concentration of lead that can affect the inner organs of the body.

Moreover we all are aware of the germs that can harm our organism. Now think about the millions of them entering your mouth thanks to your “goodwill” nail – biting act. In addition this habit leads to the deformation of the nail!

And what about the appearance your nails have after they are furiously bitten. They look horrible as if they are harmed. Do you agree with me?

If you’re suffering from the nail – biting, I can give you some advises of how to break off this nasty habit.

1. First of all when you feel an irresistible urge to bite even one of your nails, divert your attention away for something interesting and active.

For example, turn on the music and dance, take a walk with your friends or start reading a book while biting a tasty apple instead of the nails.

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2. An expensive manicure is also a good preventive measure against the filthy habit. See a nail technician at least one time per week so that you can treasure your nails.

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3. Apply a nail bitter polish! Being a nail biter you will hate the bitter taste of this nail strengthener.

4. One of the drastic remedies is a nails’ building-up! Firstly it’s hard to bite such nails and secondly you’ll think twice of the price you’ve paid for the building-up.

5. Bet a hundred dollars with your best friend that you can leave your nails alone!

6. Think about the reason that forces you to bite and try to eliminate it! Control your mood! The positive thinking and peace of mind can make miracles with your beauty!

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As I say, the shattered nerves can cause only problems!

So, dear women, don’t let anything have a bad influence on You! The nail-biting habit is simply one insignificant thing that you can easily cope with!

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