Nail Art On The Rise: The New Black Nail Set Collection

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Nail art is on the rise as beauty brands invent more and more new designs and ways to achieve them. Minx is offering a service for customized nail designs, while press-on nails are coming back with better adhesive technologies and beautiful modern designs. Among the latest invetions is The New Black nail set that helps to create a newspaper print on the nails.

Nail Art On The Rise: Sephora Launched The New Black Nail Set Collection

The New Black Nail Art Set

This four-piece nail set includes a base coat, nail polish, transfer solution and a typograghy roll. To create the newspaper nail art first the base coat should be applied. Then the nail polish is applied in two coats. After the nail polish has dried the transfer solution is applied and the typography roll is pressed against the nail. Again the transfer solution is applied to the nail over the roll and pressed with a cotton ball soaked in transfer solution. The typography roll is then removed carefully and coated with the top coat. Voila, the newspaper-printed nails are ready.

The New Black collection of nail polishes also presents a five-piece ombre nail sets for creating ombre effect with the color fading gradually from one nail to the other, duo nail polish sets for nails and toes or glittery French nails, and a Runway – Color Baromoter nail polish set consisting of eight different vibrant colors. What do you think about it?

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