Manicure Trend: Space Nail Art Tutorials

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Manicure Trend: Space Nail Art Tutorials

Trendy space print that was everywhere this Spring has been transformed into some very cool nail art. It’s a fun and elaborate manicure to try for a party. And while it may take some time and practice to find your own way to achieve it you can experiment and try creating different patterns and nebulas on your nails.

To create space nail art you’ll need black or deep blue pealescent nail polish for a base, white, yellow, violet, red or teal nail polish to create nebula, clear glitter polish, and a topcoat. Sponge is a handy tool for creating nebula. The technique for creating abstract space nail art is quite easy. Layering is the key. Pat the sponge with lacquer in the middle of the nail layering the colors and glitter. You can also create some dots after finishing the nebula to imitate stars or planets. Finish off by applying top coat.

Manicure Trend: Space Nail Art Tutorials

For something more elaborate try creating forms imitating Milky Way, stellar gases, or galaxies. The best thing about space nails is that each time they turn out unique and you can also choose different colors to create them.

Manicure Trend: Space Nail Art Tutorials

Space Nail Art YouTube Tutorials

Space Nail Art Tutorial from WannabeWitchMU

Easy Galaxy Tutorial from cutepolish

Space Nail Art Tutorial from 3Dnailart

Space Nail Art Tutorial from luxuriousnails

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