Manicure Trend: Caviar Nails

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Manicure Trend: Caviar Nails

Caviar nails are the latest nail art craze. First spotted at the at Cushie et Ochs’ Fall 2011 fashion show caviar manicure has now become a big trend. The 3D effect achieved by applying tiny pearls to the painted nails creates a caviar look, hence the name. Caviar manicure is easy to achieve, the items required are the nail polish of choice and tiny pearls of same or different color.

How To Create Caviar Nails

  • Apply base coat to nails.
  • Start with the first coat of nail polish and wait till it’s dry.
  • Apply the second coat and before it dries apply the pearls to the nails and press them gently to the nail. You can pour the pearls over the nail or press the nail to them.
  • The pearls as tiny as possible for a neat effect. Bigger pearls will give nails a bulky look.

There are many various ways to wear caviar nails. The pearls can be of two colors to create a two-tone manicure. The nail polish and pearls of contrasting colors may also work.

Manicure Trend: Caviar Nails


Ciaté has released a caviar nails kit that comes with a nail polish and pearls in three color options – black, mother of pearl, and multi. The caviar nails are said to be easily removed with nail polish remover.

What do you think about the caviar manicure trend?

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One Response to “Manicure Trend: Caviar Nails”
  1. Anita Says:

    These are some crazy nails! Lol I would like to try them for a special night out, but can anyone tell me how long these would last?

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