Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

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Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

During hot Summer season, when you toes are in constant display, you must be absolutely sure that your pediĀ  looks perfect every time. That is why it is so essential to learn how to make your pedicure last longer. Here are some tips that can help to prevent nail polish from chipping and make your toes looking perfect for more time.

Long-Lasting Pedicure Guide

  • Firstly, you must prepare your toes properly. The key here is to make sure you eliminate oils before applying the base coat. The best way to cleanse your nails from oils is to use any alcohol-based formula. It will guarantee longer-lasting pedicure for sure.
  • The next step on the way to longer-lasting pedicure is to go for products from the same brand. Believe me, it is not about good marketing. The matter is that manufacturers DO create products that work better when used in tandem.
  • Don’t forget to reapply a topcoat at least a week after pedicure is done. This preventive measure is really effective if you’d like to enjoy your polished toes for longer.
  • Moisturizing your feet is also important to make your pedicure look perfect. Nourish cuticles and foot skin to ensure you feet are well-groomed.

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