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With women’s obsession about their manicure and various polish colors trends changing one after another, the magnetic nail polish is a totally new thing on the market. The magnetic nail polish gives a unique effect- it makes the rippled designs on the nail cover.

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The new hottest trend- magnetic nail polish– is taking over the beauty world. If you got tired from simply painting your nails in one color, use the newest invention in nail polish industrymagnetic nail polish.

It should be applied as an ordinary nail polish at the first stage, but later you should hold the magnet over the polish and that’s when the effect appears- on the top of the nail cover get a rippled effect. When you are holding a thin magnet over your recently-painted nails, the iron powder contained in the polish follows the pattern of the magnet thus creating an interesting design on your nails.

Here are some comments about the magnetic nail polish:

Totally fun to play with but as a MRI technologist. This isn’t safe if you are due for a MRI, just want to let you ladies/gents a heads up.. don’t want to be nailess after the MRI.

I got a lot of comments from people wanting to know who had done my nails. I am a polish fanatic and love different looks. I can’t wait for my other one to come in.

Nowadays a lot of nail polish brands offer the magnetic nail polish in various color shades and rippled designs. For instance, LCN professional line has magnetic nail polishes available in eight different shades priced at $9,90 each. But magnets don’t go as a unit, you have to buy them separately for $19.90. There are two versions of ripples design- a diagonal line and star version.

UK nail brand Nail Inc has in its assortment polish called Magnetic Attraction. It comes in 3 metallic shades- gold, gray and purple. Unlike the designing of ripples with LCN magnets, Nail Inc magnets can only create abstract ripples.

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