Long-Lasting Manicure Guide

There are only few minor beauty things that can gladden us more than the freshly-done manicure. And what a disappointment you feel when your just-applied nail polish starts to chip and chap. Fortunately, it can be easily avoided, just follow our long-lasting manicure guide and enjoy your polished nail look up to 10 days running.

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Long-Lasting Manicure Guide

You have just stepped out of a beauty salon with a perfectly-manicured nails and what a nuisance, nail polish start chipping just in a couple of days. Follow our long-lasting manicure guide and enjoy your gorgeous lacquered nails up to 10 days long!

Dry your nails before applying nail polish

It is very important to get rid of excessive moisture before applying the nail polish. In order to do this you will need to wash your hands with soap after dry with a towel and then clean your nails with nail polish remover in order to defat and dry the nail plates completely. Only after this procedure you can start applying nail polish to your nails.

Create a base

Base coat of nail polish is rather important if to speak about long-lasting manicure. Besides, base coat will help to create even nail surface for colored nail polish to look its best. Apply a thin coat of base nail polish and let it dry completely.

Two COATS are better than one!

If you want to get the really long-lasting manicure, apply two coats of colored nail polish, but remember nail polish coats should be thin. And what is more important you should necessarily wait for the first coat to dry and only after that apply the second one.

Nail down the results

And the last but surely not least is to apply top coat that would prevent your colored nail polish from chipping. Wait for the colored nail polish to dry and then apply a thin layer of top coat to your nails to ‘nail down the results’.

Other tips to long-lasting manicure include:

  • Keep your hands out of water as much as possible, as it is moisture that causes nail polish chipping.
  • Reapply a thin layer of top coat each alternate day to keep nails glossy and well-groomed.
  • Keep your hands out of hot water for 12 hours after applying nail polish, as it takes much time for nail polish to harden.
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