Latest Nail Art Trend Black Zipper Nails

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Nail art of course found its niche in 2010. In the nail art fashion are lot of styles and nail’s paint ideas. And recently Finland’s Laura Sofia Koski has supplemented nail design world with new, gorgeous, intense nail art!

Latest Nail Art Trend Black Zipper Nails

The black zipper manicure appeared on her blog ‘Learning to Dance in the Rain,’ corresponding a jet black finish and zippers running down the thumb and middle finger. I found these nails absolutely fantastic! Laura Sofia Koski definitely has some special thrill! And therewith zippers go nip and tuck with the dark, daring theme in the latest avant-garde fashion collections, so it’s no wonder that nail art is the next thing to get all zipped up. Creative, unique, designer nails are distinctly in trend.

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    very nice

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