Kinetics Crazy Daizy Spring 2013

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Kinetics have introduced their new nail polish collection for Spring 2013, entitled simply “Crazy Daizy”. The new collection is abundant in natural matte colors, with feminine tones and nice Spring mood, so let’s dive in and check it out!

New Nail Polish Collection for Spring 2013!

Are you excited about the new season coming so very soon? With the winter holidays over what is there to wait, well except for the Valentines’s Day! So, yet we are facing another amusing nail lacquer collection for the hot spring season, and this collection is totally flower inspired! Just take a look at these serene colors, not to mention the name of the collection!
Kinetics Crazy Daizy Spring 2013
Crazy Daizy is not only about natural tones, however, there are also some pretty dark choices as well, to suit everybodies’s taste! The collection includes 12 new tones, that are both natural and classic, as well as seductive and tempting at some occasions. Three tones of the collection are pleading their allegience to the nude matte hues, whereas three other are simply irresistible darker tones, while other three are vibrant Spring colors, with everything from white to sparkling orange yellow.
Kinetics Crazy Daizy Spring 2013
Each nail polish is of course made is extra long lasting formula, as does each bottle of nail polish from this company. As for pigmentation, as mentioned earlier, there are rich coloring with either a creamy or a shimmery finish. The new Kinetics Crazy Daizy spring 2013 nail polish collection would be available in late January 2013, which is pretty soon and would cost up to $6 a bottle, not that much a for a high quality nail polished look. Meanwhile, the collection should be available from the official distributors. The whole Crazy Daizy collection for Spring 2013 would include:
Kinetics Crazy Daizy Spring 2013

Kinetics Crazy Daizy Spring 2013

  • KP 225 Crazy Daizy – rich creamy pink,
  • KP 228 Sugar Blue – light baby blue.
  • KP 226 Paris Green – light tint of green
  • KP 230 Ever Cream – the name should speak for itself
  • KP 229 Naked Beige – for the perfect natural look
  • KP 231 Peach Pop – for some sparkle of color, also natural
  • KP 227 True Grey – the name is catchy, but it is really light grey
  • KP 232 Moss Party – vibrant canary yellow
  • KP 235 Orange Blitz – tangerine orange
  • KP 236 Call Me Blue – deep shimmering blue
  • KP 234 Red Gown – femme fatale dark red
  • KP 233 Marlene – a mixture of red and orange
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