KFC Creates ‘Finger-Licking’ Nail Polish And It’s Gross

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KFC nail polish

Don’t lick your fingers, it’s in bad taste, it looks weird, it’s unsanitary and above all, it’s ugly. Apparently though a Hong Kong branch of KFC didn’t get the memo and created an edible nail polish. It’s made of herbs and spices and moreover they are making it for adults, or maybe young adults.


Alright let’s do this.

Firstly, why oh why everyone, including the manufacturers of a questionable quality fast food, have to make beauty products nowadays?
Secondly, it you ever applied nail polish, you know that it falls off in chunks making your nails looking positively unpleasant. But that’s not all, no. Now I have to ask a question that I really didn’t want to ask ever, did you ever bite your nails? Ugh, it can’t be good for them, can it? Now imagine peeling all of your nail polish off with your teeth. I rest my case.

KFC nail polish


Oh wait, it’s not for kids.

Thirdly, it is then. What to teach kids that chewing on their fingers is a-okey?

Ok so now we have to think about all those gross things that will get on your nails even after an hour of normal adult life. And yep, you’re expected to eat all of that spicy goodness that will not come off even after washing your hands, and you’re expected to eat all of it from every finger if you don’t want to walk with ugly, partly chewed off nail polish.

Oh yeah, it also sparkles!

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