How to Wear Neon Nail Polish

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Neon nail polish trend has made a fashionable comeback right from the ’80s. Orange, fuchsia, yellow… and many-many other neon nail polish colors can be wonderfully used to complement any trendy outfit if only worn properly. Be sure you check out our tips on how to wear neon nail polish colors to look fabulous.

How to Wear Neon Nail Polish

5 Rules for Trendy Neon Nails:

Keep Nails Short

The longer your neon colored nails are, the scarier you will look. Thus if you are not going to scare anyone, keep your nails short when wearing neon nail polish colors. The trendiest duet is composed of short almond-shaped nails and any neon nail polish color.

Keep Your Look Simple

Neon nails are bright and quite arresting on their own, that is why keep your entire look simple, if you are going to wear neon nail polish. It concerns to makeup as well as your outfit. The best beauty cocktail here is to mix neutral outfit, minimal makeup and any neon nail polish color you like.

How to Wear Neon Nail Polish

Be Sure Your Manicure is Perfect

Neons attract a lot of attention that is why it is a must to keep your nails perfectly-groomed. Keep nails polished, take care of your cuticles and be sure to avoid chips. It is even recommended to keep your neon nail polish bottle at your fingertips to give your nails a slight retouch if necessary.

Go for Matte Neons

If you can’t still venture to try neons on your nails, start with its softer versions. For instance, you can try creamier matte neon nail polish colors. Luckily, there is a great range of such softer neon alternatives today. Besides, make sure it perfectly suits your skin tone.

How to Wear Neon Nail Polish

Try Neon French Manicure

If full neon nails are still too much for you, try this amazing nail trend. You need just to lacquer the tips of your nails using your fave neon nail polish color. Opt for any nude nail polish shade as a base.

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