How to get rid of white spots on nails

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White spots can often appear on finger nails. If this is your case then you should know what it is to avoid getting too much worried.

Medically speaking, feet and handsthose little white marks on the fingernail are known as leukonychia.

This is not a dangerous disease but it can indicate you have other health problems.

There are several possible causes for the discoloration. Among them are the following: a mild trauma, a fungal infection, skin conditions, or nutritional deficiencies.

There are quite many ways you can solve the problem with:

1. Allow your nails to grow out. Sometimes white spots on fingernails are actually tiny bruises, results of little traumas you might even haven’t noticed. If that is about you just don’t do anything. When your nails grow out enough trim them carefully, thus removing the white spots.

2. Eat dairy products. White spots can say about deficiency of protein and calcium in your organism. Dairy contains much of that and can help your nails get stronger and prevent more bruises!

3. Consume vitamin C (fruit). Lack of vitamin C in your diet can result in appearance of white spots. Eat enough fruit to prevent that.

4. Do the cleaning, washing, gardening, and other types of housework with gloves on because if you don’t this might damage your nails as well as your hand skin. wear gloves before doing such kind of work.

5. Try to keep your nails away from dirt and dust as bacteria can enter your body through nails and cause fungal yeast and bacterial infection.

6. Do the manicure very carefully. Cutting your cuticles, or pushing them back too aggressively, can cause trauma to the nail bed and result in white spots.

7. Moisturize your nails on the regular basis to keep them healthy and less prone to white spots appearance. Use hand lotion each time after you wash your hands. Take your time to massage some of the lotion into the bed of each nail.

8. Never damage your nails physically by opening soda cans or staples from the paper.

9. Use cosmetic products of high quality only as nail paints, nail hardeners and artificial nails can have allergic reactions and cause white spots.

10. Do not remove the white spots by buffing your fingernails or discoloration treatments. This can hurt your nails.

All these measures are good if you have occasional spots but if they repeat often then it might be serious. This may be a sigh of kidney problems or liver diseases. This happens rarely but there are still chances. Visit a dermatologist, just in case.

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