How To Choose Nail Polish

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How To Choose Nail Polish

Nail polish is available in so many different formulas, colors and shades giving us numerous options for manicure and pedicure so how does one find their own shade of color to sport? Knowing your skin undertones can help figure out which nail color shades suit you the most. Just like with choosing a lipstick.

Tips to Choosing Nail Polish


Nail polish color can be chosen according to skin tone just like lipstick or blush. It’s important to know your skin undertones and which colors and undertones in nail polish will work best with your skin tone:

  • Pale/Light skin tone. Depending on the undertones in your skin choose pink, blue or yellow-based shades.
  • Medium skin tone. Medium and olive skin tones can use pink or yellow-based nail polish shades.
  • Dark skin tone. Dark skin tone can handle almost any color or shade in nail polish.

It doesn’t hurt to try different undertones with your skin tone and figure out which ones really work just for you before buying a specific color or shade. Also when choosing a particular nail polish color or shade consider how often it will be worn.

Where to wear

Some environments and lifestyles like the work at the office require nails to be short and clear, while others allow some richer colors. So if you prefer wearing nail polish everyday buy one universal shade that will suit your skin tone as well as your wardrobe.

For evenings and more festive occasions bright nail color can work as an accent or even accessory to your outfit. Matching lipstick color to the nail polish is a trend right now. Also read about how to match and coordinate makeup.


Wearing nail polish frequently can be harsh on the nails so make sure to give them rest for a week or two. When choosing nail polish pay close attention to the label. It should NOT include such chemicals as Formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor as these ingredients are very dangerous to health.

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