“Hope and Freedom Fest” by Orly for Spring 2013

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Are you ready for the sparkling and fresh beauty season that is almost just around the corner? Well, Orly Beauty Company on their behalf are present the fresh nail polish collection for the Spring 2013! It includes new exciting tones, not excluding the sparkly ones! Let’s check it out!
Hope and Freedom Fest by Orly

Orly for Spring 2013

As spring 2013 season is approaching every major cosmetics brand feels challenged and obliged to release something original and exciting for the fans of the brand. Orly cosmetics is no exception. Slowly, but steadily they are approaching that corner, where at the next turn would be that exciting and refreshing new season of spring. The new collection by Orly presents six intriguing tones of nail lacquer, that promise to become incredibly hot and trendy!
Hope and Freedom Fest by Orly
Entitled “Hope and Freedom Fest”, this intriguing name promises new dimension of nail polish experience. The collection includes six amazing hues, which names all speak out loud for themselves. The tones, presented in the collection are both festive and laid back casual, both girly and very elegant. Some colors are daring, however the color extremes are dispersed evenly.
Hope and Freedom Fest by Orly
The collection is rather small, featuring only six new tones, however it is packed with the latest trendy news! Following the major trend for the Spring 2013 season, these nail lacquers follow into different categories of being matte/creamy/shimmery. You just have to pick your favorite and go with it!

Good news are that the “Hope and Freedom Fest” collection would be available already in this month, with just $8.50 a bottle! So take all your courage to discover the feminine and fatale in yourself with these gorgeous colors. Enjoy the upcoming hot season with these exciting new tones! The full “Hope and Freedom Fest” collection includes:

Peaceful Opposition – glittered-up silver-white
Coachella Dweller – pale green
Elation Generation – bright pink with glitter
Boho Bonnet – soft grey-blue
Melodious Utopia – soft yellow
High on Hope – navy with purple shimmer

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