Home-made salon manicure tips

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You can go to an expensive salon and get your nails done, or you can stay at home and do the same thing – better, more customized and surely cheaper.

home manicure

Here are easy tips to follow to nail it at home and look gorgeous. Celeb master manicurist Leighton Denny and Maybelline’s Toni Jade reveal what to do to have perfect nails any sexy lady should have!

Tips on pampering:

1. Regularly soak your nails in tea-tree oil to stop infections.

2. To remove stains from nails and soften the cuticles, squeeze a lemon into warm water and soak your nails in there.

3. Use a cuticle lotion to push back the cuticles before soaking. Then use a sponge tool to push back the cuticles.

4. Avoid metal objects or woodstick to push back the cuticle, as they can break it.

home nail pampering tips

Tips on painting

1.     Priming the nail properly is a crucial point.

2.     Buff your nails every three months to make sure you have an even base to work with. But don’t buff too often, it can damage your nails.

3.     When applying color to the nail, clear one side of the brush on the neck of the bottle, and paint with the other side.

4.     Don’t have too much polish on the brush to avoid thick application.

5.     Apply two thin coats of polish rather than one thick coat as it will last for longer.

6.     Apply the polish to the thumb first then go back to little finger so you don’t rub the thumb as you work along the hand.

7.     Apply in one direction only.

8.     Avoid stickers to help guide French manicure tips as they usually smudge the polish.

home manicure tips

Tips on long lasting manicure

1.     Make sure you store your nail polish in a cool place and make sure it doesn’t thicken.

2.     Use a good top coat to seal your polish.

long lasting nail polish tips

3.     Wait for two-three minutes between applying new coats of polish to make sure the previous coat is dry before you apply the new one.

4.     Never leave polish on for more than 10 days, otherwise it will begin to chip.

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