Hologram Effect by Layla

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Not so long ago, Layla cosmetics released an intriguing set of holographic sparkling colors, entitled “Hologram Effect”. Stick around to learn more!
Hologram Effect by Layla

“Hologram Effect” Layla

Italian Layla cosmetics, known for high quality make up lines, has released new exciting color pallete! The color tones range from light to dark, but none of them are neutral! The thing is that these colors are all in ultra shic holographic colors. There are eight variation to be fantastic:
Hologram Effect by Layla
Gold Idol
– Emerald Divine
– Shocking Pink
– Red Taboo
– Purple Illusion
– Cloudy Violet
– Misty Blush
– Coffee Love
Hologram Effect by Layla

Hologram Effect by Layla

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