Halloween Nail Art

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The creative preparation to the Halloween party doesn’t limit with a costume and peculiar accessories. An appropriate manicure can turn into the main hero of the darkness power night. What mask will be better for you this holiday? Will you be a charming playful witch, forest nymph or little mermaid? It’s up to you what to choose.

Halloween Nail Art4

Here are some of the nail art ideas you can take as the example for your spooky image.

  • The main attribute and symbol of Halloween is pumpkin. The orange colored costume as well as nails will mark you out of the crowd!

Halloween Nail Art1

  • The cobweb nail art is so Halloween! Use scarlet or black polishes as a foundation for your creativity. Black spider’s web will look perfect on the red nail and white ones – on the black.

  • Ghosts will be everywhere that night! Will you be one of those? Draw a white ghost or “Scream” mask on the black nails.

Halloween Nail Art3

  • If you are going to be a witch on the broom then draw the same pict on the nails. A sorceress flying on the broom in the twilight!
  • Black cat images look cool on all bright polishes.

Halloween Nail Art

  • Skeletons are the best representatives of the ominous night! So, they will decorate your nails just right!
  • Also try some false cone-shaped nail for the vampire look! Maybe Edward Cullen will be your partner on that prom?

Halloween Nail Art2

There are only a couple of days left before Halloween, hurry up and get ready! If you still have doubts what image to choose, then you can take one of the Hot Halloween costume ideas here.

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