Get Gleek Boom with Glee Nail Polish Collection by OPI

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Tomorrow everyone can get that Gleek Boom as the 12th of February is marked as the release of Glee nail polish collection by OPI. Thanks to Sephora by OPI as now all the Gleeks get the opportunity to add some Glee shine to their everyday look. Get Gleek from top to toe with the latest nail polish collection by OPI inspired by uber popular TV series Glee!

Get Gleek Boom with Glee Nail Polish Collection by OPI

Being inspired by the successful Justin Bieber nail polish line release, Sephora by OPI brand is sure of success of its new Glee nail polish collection. Glee nail polishes are set to be released tomorrow in Los Angeles and are expected to bring in about $1.5 million.

We’ve been very careful and strategic with the ‘Glee’ brand. This is a long-term brand for us, and it’s not just about getting products on the shelf — it’s about making sure whatever we do complements the show. Sephora is very committed to what is hot now, and that is a key attribute of the show. They are also supporting this with a multiplatform marketing effort.

The vice president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products admitted.

The Glee nail polish collection includes 7 trendy shades with very catchy distinctive names for each one.

Get Gleek Boom with Glee Nail Polish Collection by OPI

  • Slushied
  • Hell to the No
  • Gleek Out
  • Diva-in-Training
  • Who Let The Dorks Out
  • Miss Bossy Pants
  • Mash-Up

Being not really Glee-obsessed, I can’t say that I’m eager for Glee nail polishes, but Who Let the Dorks Out (a green shade) seems to me absolutely great. Which nail polish shade appeals to you most? Watch the video, exclusively presented by Eryn Krueger Mekash, department Head of makeup on Glee, and feel free to share your attitude towards this new nail polish collection by OPI:

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