Flip Mani Is Hot New Nail Trend

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Flip mani has become a thing. Now you can not only paint the front side of your nails but also the back and not feel weird about it at all. It also makes case for longer more dramatic, less natural/practical nails. The longer your nails the more space there is for creativity.

Flip Mani Trend

CND Nail Design Lab

Probably the first public appearance of a flip mani was two years ago at Grammys on Adele’s silver painted tips. The underside of her nails were painted red to match her Louboutin shoes. The “Louboutin mani” was something rare and unique but now more and more nail enthusiasts are picking on this trend. In 2013┬áCND Design Lab showed another flip mani that included rhinestones.

Now you can do whatever with your nails given they are the right length. You can decorate them with accessories or simply paint them a different color than your main mani. There’s definitely room for creativity as well as elegance. You can keep your nails nice and conservative while going crazy on the flip side.

If you’re going to grow out your nails to be able to wear flip mani you’ll have to strengthen and care for them to ensure they don’t break and are all the same length. In case of nail extensions, make sure to get them from a professional and be careful wearing them as not to break them and visit your nail master as often as necessary.

Creating a flip mani isn’t that hard. Paint the under side of nails with an art nail brush that is much thinner and more convenient for this than a nail polish one. Apply nail glue to rhinestones, decorations first and then carefully press them using tweezers to the nails.

What do you think about flip mani? Would you try it?

Flip mani

Singer Ciara posted her flip mani on Instagram

Flip mani

the_naja nail guru on Instagram

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