Fabulous Fall 2014 Manicure Trends

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Fall 2014 manicure can be much more interesting than a dark red nail polish although it is one of the main mani trends this Fall. If you generally admire nail art and like something more to your manicure than a few coats of nail polish you’d be happy to know that nail art isn’t out altogether. For those who love rich colors there are plenty of options as well. And finally, if you can’t live your life without at least a speckle of sparkle on you’d be happy too.

Truly, this fall everything’s possible. From metallic finishes to festive sparkle to exquisite nail art.

Fabulous Fall 2014 Mani Trends

Dark red manicure, Fall 2014 nail trend

Dark red manicure trend

Trendy Glitter

If you’re afraid of glitter because it’s too ‘childish’ or too ‘festive’ you can at least try it now cause it is quite a big trend. Just add one coat of it on one nail wouldn’t hurt, right? Who knows, maybe you’ll grow to like it.

If you don’t stand glitter at all, try metallics. Gold is a big trend this fall so you can wear it on your tips or try pearl finishes instead.


Ombre may not be as new and exciting as it was a couple of seasons ago but it still lingers on the runways. So if you haven’t got a chance to try it yet this fall is as good time as any to make it happen. Nail artists chose to pair red and blue nails with black tips.

Rolando Santana Fall 2014 manicure

Rolando Santana Fall 2014 reverse French manicure in white and dark glitter

French & Half Moon Manicure

Classic French manicure isn’t as popular as it used to be but its limitless variations can be seen almost every season. This time around choose blue-ish grays to pair with black or white tips. A reverse French mani is also an interesting option.

Moon manicure has also much yet to offer. It can be worn in numerous ways and color combinations so get experimenting if you love nail art.

Diagonal Splits

Diagonal splits are great if you want to wear contrasting colors or you’re simply tired of French manicure. These may take a little effort to create a more or less even line but the look is definitely worth it.

Clear Shapes

Clear geometric shapes are a great way to attract attention. Same goes for moon mani, leave the half moon clear if you want unusually looking manicure.

Alexis Mabille Fall 2014 manicure

Alexis Mabille Fall 2914 manicure

Finally, don’t let fall color trends fool you. If you want to wear white nail polish you might as well do it exactly as they did at Dsquared2 and Alexandre Herchcovitch shows. If you want a bubblegum pink on your tips, brush away, as they did at Honor. Other Fall 2014 manicure colors include dark green, blue, gray, plum, purple, taupe, and bright red.

The natural nail shape and short length are still most popular for manicure but you can go for long oval, almond shape or simply grow out a squoval shape a bit.

Alexandre Herchcovitch Fall 2014 manicure

Alexandre Herchcovitch Fall 2014 manicure

Alice+Olivia Fall 2014 manicure

Alice+Olivia Fall 2014 black and gold manicure

Marco de Vincenzo Fall 2014 manicure

Marco de Vincenzo Fall 2914 ombre glitter manicure

Honor Fall 2014 manicure

Honor Fall 2014 reverse French manicure in pink and red

Lela Rose Fall 2014 manicure

Lela Rose Fall 2014 diagonal splits

Frankie Morello Fall 2014 manicure

Frankie Morello Fall 2014 French manicure

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2014 manicure

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2014 blue manicure

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