Essie Dark Morticia Addams Nail Polish

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I was always fascinated by the Addams Family, were you? Though it’s not Halloween yet, but Essie Cosmetics is adding a beauty product to their nail polish line that will get you in touch with your dark side all year round. Essie Cosmetics has created a new line of nail polish inspired by the dark and obsessive beauty of Morticia Addams of The Addams Family.
Essie dark Morticia Addams nail polish
Although it seems completely out of season for the bright colors of summer, but Essie cooperated with Bebe Neuwirth who currently plays Morticia on the Broadway musical “The Addams Family” and being designed by her, the set includes 3 nail polishes: blood red, bone white and deep navy nail polish shades. And now you can have nails just like Morticia.

If you find the difficulty in choosing your color, make it according to the markers,
“Every fashionable lady of the darkness will be drawn to Morticia’s Nails. Blood Curdling Red is certain to scare the crows away. Bone Chilling White will remind you that death is just around the corner. And Midnight Tango is all but certain to keep the passion alive.”
The nail polish set will go on sale in beauty stores next week. The profits will go to support The Actor’s Fund performing arts.

And moreover dark and rich nail polish colors are all the rage. I’d like to try it, would you?

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