Enamel Color Adapts to Mood!

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Summer is the time for daring experiments. When everything is so bright and colorful, it’s so difficult to resist the temptation to play with colors in your own image. This summer Claire’s creators help us to realize it with nail enamel color, adapting to our mood!!!

Nail enamel color adapts to mood

There is no doubt that the idea of chameleon-enamels is not something new. But enamel creators don’t stand pat, and every season we receive some wonderful novelty in various cosmetic brands collections.

And now we can get two colors, polishing nails by one nail enamel.  Are you fascinated already?

Simply apply a coat or two to your nail’s surface and wait for it to dry. Then, as your mood changes, you may see as your nail color switches.

Nail enamel colors adapt to mood

The secret to mood changing color nail polish is in the substrate’s temperature. You will notice a change in color if your fingers are getting more action or your body temperature increases. Also the changes will be evident under the influence of warm and cold water.

And it means that grown fingertips will be darker than the rest part, because they aren’t influenced by our body heat. Hereat we get beautiful and smooth gradient.

But I should tell you that gradient will be more visible if your fingertips are long enough, if not it will be almost unnoticeable.

Claire's Nail enamel color adapts to mood

It’s a wailing idea, isn’t it? Do you want to try it? Let’s discuss…

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  1. Margaret Mahoney Says:

    Enamel colour adapts to temperature change @+& changes nail enamel colour.Where can I buy it?

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