Emery Board and Nail File Selection Tips

The proper emery board or nail file selection plays the greatest role in at-home manicure; at once it is very important to choose it in accordance to the quality, shape, and length of your nails. Therefore I’d like to call your attention to the emery board and nail file selection tips. Learn to make your nails look perfect.

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Emery Board and Nail File Selection Tips

Each of you surely knows that manicure can tell a lot about the ‘wearer’. And a good manicure in its turn depends upon the manicure tools we use. Thus it follows from this, that in order to make a good showing you need to choose manicure tools properly. The main task here is to choose emery board or nail file that would greatly determine the quality of your work.

Emery Board and Nail File Selection Tips

Nail masters advise us to use different emery boards or nail files for different nail shapes and lengths. For instance it is better to use coarse manicure emery board for giving shape to artificial nails. While natural nails are better to be filed by cardboard- or rubber- based nail files or even those made of glass. As for the metal nail file, it is not advisable to be used at all, because it tends to split nails.

Emery Board and Nail File Selection Tips

If your nails are strong enough then you can use diamond, sapphire or ruby nail files, but if your nails are split and thin you should file them with emery boards made of rubber. By the way for such nails can also be used files made of ceramics that can gently give your nails a proper shape. Some of these are also set for cuticle treatment.

Emery board or nail file selection depends not only on the quality of nails but on the tasks you’ve set as well. For example, to change the length of your nails would be easier by a large emery board or file, while to shape your nails small emery board would turn out to be the most suitable.

Emery Board and Nail File Selection Tips

Well, the final manicure step is nail sanding and smoothing that by the way also can be done with special manicure emery boards. Cut-glass or glass nail file is the most appropriate in nail ‘burnishing’, while special sanding emery boards are used to get rid of nail unevenness and dark spots. Incidentally, remember that excessive nail sanding and smoothing regardless emery boards you use can lead to nail splitting, therefore sand and smooth your nails not often than twice a year, and then your nails would be healthy and beautiful.

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10 Responses to “Emery Board and Nail File Selection Tips”
  1. Dmitriy Says:

    Otherwise a good article, but I would recommend to use only glass nail files, it should be enough

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  5. Jena Says:

    I think you should use the glass file only, the emery board can still damage your nails quite a lot… Nowadays I use only glass file Aveniro, and I think it’s the best treatment your nails can get.

  6. Sofia Says:

    Mont Bleu glass nail files are one of the best nail files there are, just read the reviews.

  7. Kelly P Says:

    Exactly, the selection of emery board and nail files are need to be done precisely. And when we talk about nail files, I’d choose glass nail files from Mont Bleu, they are of great quality and the design is awesome. I’ve read tons of good reviews about them.

  8. Mary D. Says:

    For me, I choose to use the Mont Bleu glass nail file kit that I can purchase online. They save me good money and are made in the Czech Republic where the quality and attention to detail is top of the line!

  9. Deidra Says:

    There are a lot of people recommending the glass nail files. I agree. I use the Mont Blue nail file set and I could not be happier with the results!

  10. Katelyn Says:

    Thanks for those valuable tips. Didn’t know there are so many emery boards made of so many different materials to suit as many different purposes. I just have a couple of cardboard nail files from a generic brand and 2-3 glass nail files from Mont Bleu. I rarely use cardboard ones because the files from Mont Bleu work great for me. And since they are made of glass, they are very easy to clean and maintain. Bought them from their online store, Were very reasonably priced for that good a quality.

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