Cuticle Tattoos – New Fun And Easy Trend

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Rad Nails cuticle tattoos

Rad Nails cuticle tattoos

There is a whole new nail trend in town. Cuticle tattoos/temporary transfers are a fun and easy new way to glam up your tips and add a bit of twist to your regular mani. Rad Nails and the nail art guru brand Ciaté have already put out a few cuticle tattoo designs. They come in geometric shapes as well as in a shape of Ciaté’s signature bow. Rad Nails founder Chrissy Mahlmeister says “it adds an edge in a new, unexpected way.”

It’s about expanding the nail art canvas outside the typical space and thinking about how your fingertips can be transformed into pieces of art.

Fingers can definitely become another canvas for your self-expresison since the tattoos may not only be applied to the cuticles. The best thing about these transfers is that you can wea any kind of polish and any kind of nail art and still pull off the tattoos.

Cuticle Tattoos Are New Nail Trend

Ciate cuticle tattoos

Ciaté cuticle tattoos

These press-on transfer tattoos can survive a couple of hours but not multiple hand washes so if you want to prolong their life you’ll have to go with a hand sanitizer instead. You can also use these as nail art material together with your top coat.

Nail art offers numerous manicure options but finger adorment is something new and exciting. Dip-dyed fingers have popped up on stage and runway this year. Singer Lorde has performed with her fingers dip-dyed black at Grammys while Thom Browne sent his models to the runway wearing similar manicure.

Beside the temporary tattoos and the extreme dip-dyed fingers you can also adorn your fingers with nail rings and accessories. These will help you make glam up your everyday manicure nice and easy.

What do you think about cuticle tattoos? Would you wear them or would you prefer other nail trends we mentioned?

Thom Browne Fall 2014

Thom Browne Fall 2014

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