Cuticle Care Tips

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Cuticle Care Tips

Cuticles contribute greatly to nail health as well as to their tidy appearance. Keeping your cuticles healthy means healthy, strong nails.

How to Take Care of Your Cuticles

Actually, cuticles act like a barrier protecting us from pathogens that can enter and lead to infections. That is why nipping them is an absolute no-no if you want to maintain healthy nails. Well, put aside your nippers (or better throw away) and learn our tips on how to take proper care of your cuticles.


Your cuticles require good hydration. The matter is that cuticles are exposed to harsh chemicals much more than your hand skin or nails because of their extreme sensitiveness that can’t but lead them to be dried. That is why make it a habit to moisturize your cuticles using any high-quality hand moisturizer. Rub it into your cuticles at least twice a day.

Never Nip

As we’ve already mentioned above, cutting your cuticles can lead to infection. Thus never nip your cuticles, instead push them back using orange or rosewood stick. But keep in mind that it is NOT advisable to push back dry cuticles, as it can lead to damage. It is better to soak your fingers in lukewarm water for several minutes, apply a bit of cuticle remover and only after do the push-back.

Use Cuticle Oils/Creams

Apply cuticle oil or cream several times a day to make them softer. Besides it is recommended to massage cuticle exfoliator into the entire nail on a daily basis.

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