Color Changing Nail Polish

Color or mood changing nail polish is a varnish that reacts to temperature shifts and changes color or shade. Since the temperature of the nail is uneven the nail polish distributes the color unevenly usually leaving just the tip of the nail in a different color.

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Color Changing Nail Polish

Color changing nail polish also known as mood changing nail polish is usually a two-color lacquer that changes between the colors due to nail temperature. Since the tip of the nail is cooler than the rest of the nail its color differs from the main one. The color changing nail polish is usually featured in two colors but some come in three colors. There are various companies that produce these types of varnishes like Nubar, Toma, and Del Sol.

How it Works

The colors of nail polish change in the heat or cold. The weather or water temperature can make the colors switch from one to another. Some brands claim their nail polish changes colors with your mood but it all still comes down to temperature of the body meaning that the nail polish reacts to heat and cold.

How to Use it

Always apply base coat before the nail polish. Then apply the first coat of color changing nail polish and let it dry. Add another coat and finish off with a topcoat if necessary. During the day the nails will change color as it reacts to heat and cold. Some color changing nail polishes change the color in the sun.

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