Coffin Nail Shape Trend: Hot or Not?

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Coffin nail shape is a hot manicure trend that is worn by girls near and far. They’ve quickly outgrown tipped nails in popularity but somehow they don’t seem much more convenient. These are long nails with a narrowing blunt square tip. Although if you go shorter we can see how it can be more effecient than claw nails.

Coffin Nails: Hot or Not?



There are two ways to get a coffin nail, or any nail shape for that matter. You can grow your nails and ask a professoinal to shape them accordingly or you can go for an easier and faster solution with nail extensions. Though it may not be the best one for your nails’ health, you can sport coffin nails for the occasion, otherwise they are too inconvenient for performing everyday tasks.

Although it might seem creepy to some, long coffin nails work much better than long square or tipped ones, taking best of both shapes. What do you think? Coffin nails, hot or not?

Update: Pinterest has included coffin nails in its Pinterest 100 for 2016 so we guess we’ll see a lot more of them this year.

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