“Cirque de Soleil” by China Glaze

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China Glaze released a new collection of nail polish, all sparkling and bright, inspired by the upcoming 3D movie “Cirque de Soleil:Worlds Away”.

China Glaze New collection

Famous brand China Glaze has released new nail polish collection, inspired by the upcoming 3D “Cirque de Soleil:Worlds Away”. One of the main characteristics of this nail polish collection is its unique, bright and exotique tones, as well as sparkling shimmers. The full collection:

  • It’s a Trap-Eze
  • Surreal Appeal
  • Def Defying
  • Hanging in the Balance
  • Water you Waiting For
  • Bizerk for Cirque
  • A Vicious Cirque-El
  • Dragon My Heart Around
  • I Want A-Mour
  • Bend Over Backwards
  • Get Carried Away
  • World’s Away

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