Ciaté’s Latest Nail Art Idea: Sequin Manicure

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Ciaté's New Nail Art Idea: Sequin Manicure

Yet again Ciaté brings us some manicure kits for creating easy textured nails. This time around the UK brand offers to give your nails some dazzle with the sequin manicure. There are as usual three kits of different colors consisting of a base paint pot and a jar of colorful sequins.

Ciaté's New Nail Art Idea: Sequin Manicure

A Harlequin kit comes with red, blue, and green sequins mixed together for a colorful and dazzling effect. Superduper mixes together gold, green, and copper. While Tutu offers sequins in red, pink, and purple.

We figure the application process is the same as for the Caviar manicure. Just pour the sequins on still wet nail polish base and press gently with tip of your fingers to make them stick better.

Ciaté's New Nail Art Idea: Sequin Manicure

The range of new manicure kits will be launched in October at Selfridges at £15 per kit. What do you think about Ciaté’s latest nail art idea?

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