Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure 2013 Collection

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Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure 2013 Collection

Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure

Ciaté created another exciting collection of manicure kits for trendiest nails. Cosisting of three paint pots as usual the Colourfoil Manicure comes with a foil fix glue, nail wheel, and colourfoil sheets that allow to create amazing colorful metallic manicure.

Inspired by the Spring 2013 runway where designers showed colorful metallics in clothes Ciaté’s Creative Director Charlotte Knight designed this kit to help easily create your own pattern using color blocking or color clashing techniques.

The paint pots come in candy pink Carnival Couture, peppermint Kaleidoscope Klash, and gray Wonderland. Each kit offers different foils for a very varied color combos. But the finish is edgy textured metallic.

Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure 2013 Collection

To create your own pattern with this kit apply nail polish and let it dry. Then using foil fix glue start creating a pattern with different foils in the kit. Add a drop of glue where you want a certain foil to be and place the foil shiny side up and press to make sure it sticks. Then remove the foil quickly and repeat till you get the pattern or color combination you wanted. After that’s done apply a clear top coat to the nails.

Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure 2013 Collection

You can use color wheel to practice and create the right pattern before recreating it on the nails. Each kit includes different foil shades which helps create very different color combos. You can also use three of them at a time and interchange colors for a very unique manicure every time.

The Carnival Couture comes along with fuchsia, dark blue, bright green, silver, lavender, and gold foils. The Kaleidoscope Klash comes with glittery red, blue, hollogram, silver, fuchsia and gold.

And Wonderland comes with orange, mint, silver, light blue, pink and yellow. What do you think about the latest Ciaté collection?

Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure 2013 Collection

The kits are already available at Sephora at $19.00 per kit.

Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure 2013 Collection

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